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Dear Alexandre

Dear Alexandre,
you saw me.
You saw my essence at the first sight.
It's so unusual in this world where nobody sees the whole me at all.

Dear Alexandre,
you touched me.
You touched my back and felt how big my pretensions are.
You touched my senses by which I used to get the world
and with this you turned my desperation into something hopeful.

Dear Alexandre,
you said it, and my body is really a country boy's body.
I'm a country boy, I've got no soul.
Don't sleep at night, the world is growing old.
I lost my baby... I lost my baby to a girl.

Dear Alexandre,
you saved me.
You made your home my home.
You brought me back when I was on the brink of ruin.

Dear Alexandre
you are my cosmic brother.

(Júlio B.)