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Shallow Acceptations About Love

Love is a four-lettered word overfull of meanings,
it's easy to hear that love is above all the feelings, isn't it?
Isn't it easy to find love in almost everything?

Have you ever heard love in a song?
Have you ever heard love in a true way?
Have you ever said it?

Hope still has its credit,
but I keep myself sceptic,

I'm not young anymore.
Faith is getting shorter everyday.

And you may wonder if I believe in true love...
Yes, I believe I can love someone truly,
but I was not even loved once.

Love is just something I don't know.

So, how?
Tell me how.
Tell me who.
Tell there's something that is worth to wait for.

No, I don't believe in miracles,
but it doesn't mean I think love is impossible.

(Júlio B.)