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31.4% Geek

I heard it at least three times a week,
that I'm a freak... that I'm a geek,
but I made my own calculation
going to the bus station.

Well, it's hard to pass a day without a click,
without maths or computing technique,
but I also like literature and music.
I like fiction, and not only cientific.

I concluded that it's not a tribe I totally fit,
I even like practice, though I prefer theory.
I know grammar rules, and I'm proud of it,
from Portuguese to C.

I prefer the B-Sides, but I like the hits.
I brush my teeth, brush my hair, brush the bits.
I go out late at night looking for something to eat...
I like to escape, to walk down the streets.

And then I ran fast to the next way,
in expectation of love, of better days...
I get me flying up, I get me diggin' underground,
I search patterns and feelings all around.

(Júlio B.)