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Spring's Announcement

I stole one flower from a garden of the spring you read to me,
and I believed.
I stole one flower and I sent it to you in a letter,
you know better what it means,
this time of spring...
You told me that was coming.

I did my part, now it's up to you.
It's not too hard if you want it too.
And if you appear, my dear, I...

I was so busy trying to not be alone that, for a while,
I do forgot to consider what I am worth,
but you reminded me...
You said to me not playing all my cards this way, too soon,
to wait a moon who'll fill my sky.
You brought me back,
and after you went away.

I did my part, now it's up to you.
It's just the start if you want to continue.
It's not the end, my friend, I...

You told me that the will of saving someone does not mean love,
and so you showed me in a way too clear that to care is a good start.
I was very close to give up to the loveless pragmatism,
and you came and saved me by making me remind that romantism still is beautiful.

I did my part, now it's up to you.
I miss so much all those afternoons
we used to spend together.

You used to ask me exactly what I needed to answer.
You used to be there exactly where I needed attention.
You said the best words that I wanted to hear,
I needed to hear.
But why did you tell me that?
Why did you make me feel so special
if you were intending to leave without saying goodbye?

I did my part, now it's up to you.
You know my heart, so it's up to you.
And if you come, my dear, just let me know.

(Júlio B.)