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The Climbing

Let me tell you a story
that was told at first in my dreams.
It's a story of a brave climbing,
a climbing with no way back down.

I raised my hand
when I asked for one voluntary
to fight in a war to rescue me.
I got the assignment bravely.

I had no uniform, I had no guns,
I just got my own helmet to protect
the dreams I kept in my head,
and then I faced the wall.

I knew once I had started I could never get back,
but it was much better than being a hostage.
I knew I needed to save me.
And there I went!

Little soldier, have you climbed the wall?
Yes, sir! Yes, sir! Three miles up!
One for the dream, one for the real,
and one for the little boy who lives by himself.

(Júlio B.)