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I Got A Clue

And how much time am I wasting?
How I wish I could taste it...
I have wondered what can I do?
What do I still need to get a clue?

For a moment here I saw some light:
I saw myself so lovely, but so lonely...
So lovely, and so lonely, why?

I don't know where I am failing,
but I'll do my best to fix it.
It's not a promise I am making,
it's just my instinct I am following.

Lighten up, lighten up,
wipe the slate clean and lighten up!

The heart is still beating
cause it still believes in me.

Can you hear them,
the butterflies in my stomach?

I've got tired of only seeing,
now I want to live for real.
I've got tired of searching light,
now I'll make myself a firefly.
I will make my garden beautiful
to white butterflies come through.

(Júlio B.)