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First Day Of Spring

You bloom as snowdrops bring
the bright first day of spring,
you fly as the bluebirds sing
amazed by your butterfly wings.

I give in,
but touching you is like a sin,
coz you are so sacred to me.
The sweetest thing I've ever seen,
I want you, I want you badly.

Coz you are my baby,
the last flip in the air.
I float in a landscape:
the shiest eyes beneath your hair.

Too promising to go through,
too possible to come true,
too perfect to bring the news.
Too up to escape from the blues.

I keep singing:
"you are so beautiful",
all my thoughts keep set on you.
I'm waiting for you to come,
you are my only way home.

Coz you are my baby (I'm so happy we are a pair),
the last flip in the air (indeed, you are my air).
I float in a landscape (it's you that I stare):
the shiest eyes beneath you hair.

(Júlio B.)