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Time For The Flowers Break Up

I'm here looking out while the wind spreads the pollen in the air.
My senses tell me secretly that good times are coming up there.

Sitting in this big city garden, I can see the leaves falling down...
Or it's just me laying on the ground, crossing fingers to not drown...
Running in circles while there's no spring to go straight through...
Riding as fast as I can whenever the wind sits fair my will too.
You'll see, after the fall, the flowers will grow again for you.

Let the colors of the season purify the scars we probably deny.
Up above the clouds too sparse are indifferent to us in the sky.
Come on, sweetie, I feel so guilty, I want so hard to confess...
Ah, but I fear to make things worse now your relation is a mess.
Sorry, I can't control myself when I see a chance of happiness.

(Júlio B.)