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Losing The Worst Bits

It's not a good hair day,
it's not always only fate,
i'm such a crying baby,
I am a real bad case,
but it's gonna be ok.

Time is shorter now,
weather is hotter now,
everything's urgent now,
nothing seems to work out,
but just take my hand for a while
that it's gonna end up fine...

The smile is sadder now.
The dream is faker now,
nothing seems natural,
but we can stand it all!
We can turn it all around!
And we can make it better,
we can make it better now.

There's no wrong time, just time.
There's no straight line, just lines.
To keep looking for is a good sign
that it's gonna end fine, fine...

I still wait for better days.
I still wait, it's not too late.
I still wait for a soulmate.
I am a real bad case.
But it's gonna be ok.

(Júlio B.)