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It seems like being lost is not the real situation.
It's just the way I am.
There's such a difference here.

Maybe there is just degrees to climb, not solutions to find.
But I salute myself anyway.

I have been experiencing many courses to go through,
and it can be easily confused with having no direction.
But I realize in time the difference...
The difference that brings back my self esteem,
that shows me I was not lost.

Most of time, I was bethinking about directions.
I have dedicated more time to ideas than to actions.
And it can be confused with idleness.

I walk upon a thin line of perception.
Tired is just an adjective I can wear to stay home.
Confusion is just a noun I can hide behind when it's necessary.

Maybe I was confused, but not misplaced.
And I think I'm found now.
I don't know where I intend to go.,
but I know I always find myself somewhere in the way.

(Júlio B.)