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One-Sided Love Song

When it all gets dark
and all the light I still can find
is in my heart,
I know that I'm not blind
coz your figure shines so bright
in my mind, in my mind...

When I think of you,
I start to feel inside of me
something good and something blue,
I feel I'm not the same I used to be:
now I have you to dream about,
and also to live without.

I think you are the one I love,
I think you are all I dreamed of.
But I know it’s something you ignore,
I know I'm not what you look for.
And now there's nothing else to do,
but suffer loving you.

It feels like going to drown
when I think about my sad fate,
I try not to fall down,
but it's too late, it's too late...
coz I've already fell in love with you.

I think you are the one I love,
I know it's a platonic love.
And now there's nothing else to do,
but suffer, foolishly suffer loving you.

When I see you next to me,
I got embarrassed as if I were bare,
I just don't feel free,
it's hard to breathe, hard to find the air.
I would like to touch you hair,
but I know we're not a pair.

I think I love you,
but I know you don't love me.

(Júlio B.)