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I Need A Reaction

I am being swallowed by the nothingness.
Once I dreamt about happiness,
but now I'm lost and stuck in this mess,
smashed by this torpid laziness.

The days are always the same
and I only have myself to blame.
I lose my light into the night,
the stars are not too bright,
cos I'm not bright at all.
I'm feeling so small.

What did happen to me?
I used to act whenever I needed,
and why can't I anymore?

I lost my power somewhere in my loneliness.
I neglected all the other dreams in this crazy pursuit of love,
and as I didn't find it until now,
I am failing in everything.

I need a reaction!
An audacious plan to take me away from this quicksand I am in!

I need a reaction!
Or it's better giving up.

I need a reaction.
Better if there's someone with me.

(Júlio B.)