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Slow Down, Idiot!

Life too short, present becoming past,
death coming soon, east going to west,
traffic always jam, planet spinning fast,
people too hurried, and no place to rest.

These are the modern times, I know well,
but there's no need to go so fast to death!
Modernity doesn't mean this rush from hell.
Slow down a little, and take a deep breath!

Though you can do it faster and faster,
you just don't need to, just slow down.
Think serenely, it can avoid a disaster,
feel more intensely, it helps not to drown.

Don't eat fast, don't live fast, have leisure,
don't waste your days being a neurotic machine,
try to get at least some kind of pleasure.
Enjoy the beauty, find some fun in routine.

Talk gently, listen kindly, look around.
Chew the food well, appreciate its flavor.
Don't go running all the time, slow down.
Slow down your nerve, do yourself this favor.

Let the hurry for the real urgencies of the way.
Take it easy, live at ease, escape from regret.
Don't despair coz your time is expiring everyday.
Slow down, idiot (to enjoy the time you still get).

(Júlio B.)