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Where The Hard-Working Ends And The Impossible Begins

What am I doing with my life?
With my time?
Where am I thinking I'm going to?
Hey, look around me!
What future do I see?

All these questions are about money in the end,
about how to get it to survive.

I'm living the laziness.
I'm just doing what I want to do... and forgetting the responsibilities.
One day, I know, I will be called to answer for them.
And then... fuck me!
Well, what am I doing to resolve this situation?
Nothing, I admit.

Sometimes I think it's impossible.
But I don't work as much as I really could!
Hey, it's my future!
Am I lucid of my actions?
Yeah, now is my present, and pleasantly.
And here.
And I will make some amends someday, I know.
Is it enough?

The most I lost was the chance to be the best.
And I don't care for it.
Not anymore.

(Júlio B.)