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Rain (To All The Stupid Ordinary Ones)

D'you know something?
It's not raining anymore, but I'm still holding my umbrella!
I don't know why, I just keep holding it.

You can call me a freak.
You can close your door while I'm walking by your street.
I'm not begging anything.
I'm just trying to find a breach.

D'you know how many breaches there are around our social structure?
Around our emotional formation?
The rain is not reason enough for me not to try.

You can call me lonely.
You can call me sad.
I don't care, I know myself better than you!
D'you know me at least?

But you never could call me ordinary.
I don't fit in your comprehension.
I don't want your money, I don't want comfort,
I do you a favor that you don't even ask,
and you can't see where my profit is,
you can't see what my pleasure is.

And you never could call me stupid,
coz you don't know why.

(Júlio B.)