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What Can I Forgive?

What can a flower teach besides its smell, its colors, its beauty?
What can my heart feel further than lonely expectation?
What am I doing here?
Every little thing around sounds stupid.
I mean, when it sounds.

What can a song inspire in me to make me feel this way?
I don't know, I just feel it.
And I know it's special, though it's sad.

What can I forgive?
And what do I believe?
How sure am I of my convictions, of my way of life?
What more had I not listen?

Is this a dead end street?
There are frogs raining all around inside of me.
I know I'm spending my life with silly illusions.
But it did happen.

What can I forgive?
I can forgive myself for doing this stupidity of doing nothing.
(But only if I change this situation...)

(Júlio B.)