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Bahia Houses

Everybody needs to be loved sometimes.

And if your phase of loneliness
is getting longer than you can stand,
I swear, I understand exactly how it is:
the despair.
It's always unfair!

By the way, I'm feeling like this right now.
Everything seems so blue around.

I have moved oftentimes,
but no place feels like home to me.
I breathe the air, I touch the dust,
I get the things, I step the stones,
but it's never home.

The stars don't light my way,
nor even correspond the brilliancy in my eyes.

I wonder if you know how does it feel...
If you really do,
like a blank page, an empty space,
getting old without living for real.

I try to smile,
but loneliness appears a lot in my picture's book.
My arms around nobody.

But what can I do?
What can you do for me?
Where can I find a light to show me what I can't see?
Where is my philosophical assurance?
Where is my inner strength?
Where is the love?
In Japan?
Next door?
In the Bahia Houses?

(Júlio B.)