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My Virtual Love Of This Week

There's such a difference between touching and imagining.
And I need you to know it.
Imagining is good.
It's romantic, nothing rude, it's gentle, almost utopian.
Imagining can be much more poetic,
but the truth about us only will come when our eyes look themselves directly,
when lips touch lips,
when hands feel their heats.
Only after this, my love of this week,
only after this we can call it love.
Real love.
Can you see what I mean?
Love has to include magic touching moments.
Love needs to have perfume, flavor, tact.
Please, my little babe, I ask you: don't linger this virtual phase.
I can wait for you a week... or two.
But, please, don't be long too much.
My heart is dying while time is passing.

(Júlio B.)