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Crazy Lady Of The House

Lift up the loveliness you can touch and start to work out fast.
It's not anybody that has delicious chances like yours, dear lady.
You were gifted to have this power, this authority, this situation.
So, enjoy it!
I know you will, fucking lucky lady!

And what about you, big boy?
Oh, make fun of this while it's not your turn.
Mock your litlle brother and concretize your sadistic fantasies.
I know, the most sadistic person in the room is the quiet lady beside of you,
and your time of suffering in her hands is coming soon.

Watch out, lady of your kids!
Someday a rebellion can happen under your nose,
and then there'll be no more home workings, no more agreement,
and you will be only an old lady that nobody listens to.
So, if you can impose your taste now, relish your glory, clean up your spawn.
I'm not being obvious, but I'm so envious of you!

In the bathroom, the groans are loud!
Louder than when they are supposed to be in right time.
The movement is increasingly delightful.
Oh, crazy lady, I wish so hard I could be in your place!
It's almost better than sex.
The satisfaction is complete and guaranteed.

(Júlio B.)