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Milky Way

Tonight, out there,
in the vast somewhere of the universe,
oh, there must be someone who feels the way I do.
Lonely, not sure,
dreaming of love, but insecure.
Narrow in a world too big like this in which we live,
it's not illusion; we can meet each other someday.

Now go! Look up!
Stars enough for everyone!
And where is mine?
To what constellation do I belong?
I'm trying to find out,
oh, Google knows I'm trying hard.
My search space is the sidereal space.

But I don't need to travel at lightspeed.
I do believe
i'll find in time someone who wants to be with me,
just like I want it all the time.
Oh, there must be someone who wants to stay with me.
I make this wish to every falling star I see.

I make this wish to every falling star in me.

(Júlio B.)