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Shelter Song

I want to sing a song to make me feel safe,
stay loose and soft, a bit of stillness under my skin,
escape from this state that blinds my sight for no sake.
I want to sleep safe in my dreams, no scary nightmares,
sure I won't be sad when I wake.

I want to see spaces that slow down my senses.
I'm stressed out of this senseless life...
Six days a week, seven, eight, nine.

I want to say a spell to shield me from shame,
a sword to slice this silence that is suffocating me.
I need some strength to send my anguish away.
I'm searching for a place to stand up,
streets to walk down, oh, safe and sound!
To start from the scratch.

I want to send a sign to show that I'm shaky,
or maybe be strong enough to support all these sorrows,
sit down and stare at the moon, and the stars, and the sun.
I want blue skies,
and starry nights to dream on with love,
I want to see the light,
I want to settle down away from the storms.
I want to find some special place I can call home.

I want to save a smile to spend when I get a shelter.

(Júlio B.)