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Only Who?

All I needed was a kiss...
And who was there?
And who was there?
All I asked was a chance...
Who heard my prayer?
Who heard my prayer?
All my wish, my cherish...
No one said yes,
no one said yes.
All I fear, every tear...
Just loneliness.
Oh, loneliness!

I could have danced all the night...
If there was a pair,
if there was a pair.
I could have walked any distance...
If there was somewhere,
but there is nowhere.
I could have done all my best...
But who would care?
But who would care?
I still can give all my heart...
Nobody cares,
nobody cares.

I could put all the world in a poem for someone,
if there was someone, if there was someone.

(Júlio B.)