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Not Coming (On A Rainy Day)

I'm waiting in the rain,
alone, with my umbrella,
I know nobody will come... I feel inside.

The rain makes all around looks so blue...
I just feel blue inside.

I'm waiting for the sake of it...
Can you see the sadness in my eyes?
It's not the raindrops.
It can be called loneliness, if you prefer.

The rain makes all I feel more susceptible,
but it's how I feel anyway...

But it was a pleasure
to give you my attention in vain.
Thanks for not coming.
Happiness doesn't fit with rainy days like today.

The rain drops, soaks my socks, it sucks a lot!
The rain drops, but my heart doesn't stop.

I'm still waiting in the rain.
My body is tired, wet, nobody will come.
I just decided I shall give up.
It's not so bad.

And that's how I end:
lonely, and cold, and sad.

(Júlio B.)