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Only You (Not A Hero)

Only you can change my world in time,
can make me walk the line,
coz you know I'm lost,
alone I wouldn't do it.

Only you can bring me back to life,
can make me rise and shine,
coz you know I'm tired,
I'm numb and paralysed.

I know that only you can be in my dreams tonight,
can let me satisfied,
coz I know, baby, it's you
who can save my heart from this emptiness,
from my loneliness.

Only you can make me feel alright,
can answer my desire,
can realign my smile,
can organize my mind,
can lead me to the light.

Oh, baby, baby,
I know it's only you, baby!
Only you, I know it's only you...

You don't need to be a hero,
you just need to be with me.

(Júlio B.)