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I Am An Ancient

Where are the kids now?
All I see is getting old fast.
The youth's animus is faded
in me, and in all the things I can reach.
I feel like an ancient now.
And it smells like a funeral.
It tastes like death.
I keep going my old path.
The sunset is earlier everyday.

Where is the beauty now?
All I see are that old cult movies.
The youth's dreams are still flaming inside of me
because they never came true.
Loser, I don't know what to do.
I wish so hard I was young again!
I wish I had found some happy moments.
But now it's already late.
The sunrise was long, long ago.

Where am I now?
An asylum all around.
I should change it all.
I shall reinvent me.
I will try to reborn urgently.

(Júlio B.)