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Oblique Navel

Do you know what I mean?
I'm not as obvious as it seems.

Can you see the light?
Are you happy and are you sleeping tight?

Are you sure you're cool?
Cause I'm not so self-assured like you,
cause I don't want to make fun of the misfortunes you do.

Did you hear about the one
who is supposed to save our lives?

I am he as you are he,
but we don't need to play this game,
cause we can break the rules and be anything else we want to be.

I'm a flower, I'm a star.
I am my tears, I am my heart.

I am my navel,
and I talk to my own buttons.

I am the eggboy.
I am my favorite fairy-tale.

I am right now,
but I can be another day.

I am a glance,
an invitation for a dance...
I am a chance.

Do you know how special you are?
What are you after all?

(Júlio B.)