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Another Valentine's Day (Without A Kiss)

It's always like this.
No matter how hard I try,
how much blood I lose,
how much devotion I offer,
I always end my days alone.
Even the Valentine's Days!

The gift I receive is always loneliness.
Can't you see?
You were supposed to be special,
and you hurt me instead,
in my dreams,
just where I can't make a repair.
I just wanted a kiss.
Only a kiss...

It was the fucking Valentine's Day!
Why didn't you kiss me?
I almost begged you for.
Oh, fuck! I did beg.
Such a humiliation!
You were evil.

It's always like this.
I just asked you a kiss,
and you denied it to me...
Cruel denial!
Just because we were in a public place,
and you were ashamed.
You broke my heart for appearances.
How romantic you are!
What do I mean to you?

I just asked you a kiss, idiot!
Now, smell the dust of my departure.
I will put my ego up!

(Júlio B.)