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The Cake Poem

You know, my friend, all my jumps go wrong...
My meetings never happen, my relationships never last.
Sometimes, I think that loneliness is my babysitter,
i'm tired to play.

I know they probably don't act this way on purpose.
Yeah, it can be only coincidence, or cosmic conspiracy, whatever...
After all, I am the boy who has to be comprehensible.
I'm spending my feelings in vain.

You know, dear friend, today I decided to express myself!
That cake I told you about was more bitter than sweet.
Well, only pain is not enough to put me down,
but suffering alone is.

As you know, my friend, I'm trying to be happy. Who isn't?
I consider all the possibilities.
I know the reason of my loneliness may be inside of me,
in this strange way I am.

Yeah, I know, I need some therapy.
Actually, I just need funny things to do,
and someone to go out with... Perhaps, love.
Oh, I know, you're tired of hearing me discoursing about love.

I'm not saying anything new, I know.
It's always the same subjects, the old clichés we used to hear...
But I don't know what else I could do about it!
Maybe I should take a deep breath to start!

But, you know, I do understand that some plans fail sometimes.
My problem is that it happens to me every time.
Yeah, it can be only my imagination, or my complex of rejection...
Well, I will keep going, despite of not knowing if the others will.

Sometimes, my friend, my naivety scares me.
I believe in every promise, in every agreement, I do it through ages.
I really don't know how I standed myself for so long in this life of denial.
That's enough of no! Now, I want a world of yes.

Yeah, sweet friend, I know I'm being a little bit dramatic.
And I know this poem is getting long and boring,
but I'm almost in the end of this conversation.
I know you're sleepy.

Do you remember when we got real fun, my friend?
Do you remember how I can be motivated easily?
And that I start to say that all around is beautiful when I'm good-humored?
Do you remember the sound of our smiles?

(Júlio B.)