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Who Cares?

Who cares about your tears anyway?
Who cares about these poems you write?
Who cares about all these things you mean?
Who cares about your feelings?
Who cares about you?

I'm not seeing anyone around.
Where are the claps, little clown?
Where are the hands giving you a handkerchief, crying baby?
Where is the one who is supposed to love you, asshole?
Who cares about love nowadays?
You, fucking dreamer?
Ok, ok.

Take a look!
Who can you see?
What can you see?
Is there a lover around or just another sacrifice of yourself?
Where is the reward?
Take it easy, old friend.
Take it easy.
You haven't this urgent obligation to be happy.

Who cares if you're loveable and open-minded?
Who cares if you're disposed to be the best you can?
Who cares about this love you feel you can offer?
You're lonely anyway.
Who cares about you?

(Oh, I almost forgot: "I do")

(Júlio B.)