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Be Strong

What else could you be?
Be strong, Júlio.
Be strong.

The horizon points to a sad view...
Sad because of you, hiding your tears.
There goes another year, another lonely year...
But you have to be strong!

The sun never has been shining for you,
and the cold is still your only partner in your bed.
Your heart is still thirsty of loving feelings,
it's bleeding, and it's tearing down...
But you have to be strong now.

I know it's hard... I know!
No party is for you.
No smile is in your direction.
No happiness fits with you.
No song is dedicated to you.
No end seems to be happy with you in it.
But hold on, Júlio.

Your heart is beautiful and someone will realize it one day.
Your strength is your only chance now.
Your perspicuity is what can take you there.
Be strong while there's nobody standing by you,
it means: be strong now.

Your best feelings have been spent with illusions, and it hurts.
You are alone, with no love, and it hurts.
The loneliness hurts like a shot.
Oh, that boy, I know, you miss him a lot!

(Júlio B.)