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Wishing A Gene

In the beginning I was just lies.
I had to pretend that everything was ok,
but inside I wanted to be another.
That was my truth.

In the middle of my envious mind,
I have created an adoration for a fetish.
Oh, how I wanted I could touch it all the way.
There goes my youth.

In the end of it, I just don't know
how it will be, all that I know is that I won't get it.
It doesn't care, it keeps here burning me anyway.
Well, it's a metaphor.

Yes, I confess:
I have passed all my life dreaming with things I never had,
and will never have.

I have been wishing this fucking gene since my first breathing,
but I was born without it, and I will die without it.
All I can do is getting palliative solutions.

I've never felt that wind...
Fly, fly, fly!

(Júlio B.)