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When Being Lonely Is Not That Bad...

Deliberately getting pleasure,
an instant unplugged paradise!
Recovering all the time lost in my mind...
Lost figures I desired so many times!
A minute there and I was glad,
no more that underestimated boy.

What the fuck!? What the hell happened there?
I touched a shining star for a while!
Loneliness was just a name then,
lullabies to dance alone.
I'm reaching now what was supposed to be unreachable.
And after all, I found somewhere I belong.
No more that dislocated boy I used to be.

Rolling up for the magical interstellar travel
in a new world of symphonies and problematic intellects.
By the way, I did my part in that particular show.
Acrobat in every chord, in every love song,
tasting the flavour of who could save me...
Singing those sad songs I used to hear...
Keeping every moment in my heart.
I'm in love again.

(Júlio B.)