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It's Not My Party

"Feel the beat,
move your feet,
shake your body,
enjoy the party!"

no, I won't!

I don't belong here.
These aren't the smiles
I want to put in my face.
These aren't the faces I want to see.
I need a place to breathe,
I need a place for me.

This smoke is suffocating me.
All this supposed happy people is bothering me.
No! I won't move my body,
it's not my party!

Dancing here is not romantic.
Kissing here is not authentic.
I can't get attracted to anybody.
It's not my party!

I'm not having fun here.
These aren't the minds
I want to fall in love with.
These aren't the songs I want to hear.
I need a place to talk,
I need a place for me.

(Júlio B.)