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In A Corner

In a corner I was born on a rainy morning,
and from a corner I watch the world happening
without my participation,
and there's no invitation.

In the new places I go out and in the old places too,
no matter how hard I try, no matter what I do,
i'm always alone, always alone.

In my mind I get tired of being so silent,
but nobody ever notices that I am eloquent,
nobody pays that attention to me...
You know, I'm not cool enough to mention (that's me!)

but if you wanna find me, it's easy, I'll tell you how:
look for the loneliest corner, I'll be the one staring at the ground.
But if you look deep into my eyes, you'll see, I'm not such a foreigner.
Maybe we could go somewhere else away from this corner.

(Júlio B.)