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Orion's Belt Revisited

I'm not the happier guy in the world,
but I am happy.
Really, I am.
I can get down sometimes, of course,
but I am happy inside.

Do you remember the stars
I used to admire
and wish I could touch?
I can touch them now,
so why in the world should I be sad?

Get up.
Bandage. Stand up. Go. Talk more.
Pain is inevitable!
Ah! Blood. Sugar-beet in the water.
Groan. No silence. Messages.
New ass. New heart. Healed. Let's go!
Changes are welcome. Aaaahhhh!
Solid. Mind and tales. And a lot of blood.
Stand up and take a look in the mirror:

- It's me.
Less restrictive. Active.
Maybe I could be acting much more,
creating more,
but I'm definitely ok with this.

(Júlio B.)