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Billy Elliot, Peter Pan, and Harry Potter

It was around Christmas, I gave my mind a break.
My thoughts went to London to see what it takes.
Taking a walk in Westminster, guess who I found...
Three young stars I admire, and then we go around.

Jamie Bell dances like a Broadway star,
with his body, he draws paintings in the air.
Jeremy Sumpter flies like a shooting star,
with his youth, he does tricks and just don't care.
Daniel Radcliffe bewitches like the brightest star,
with his scar he hides beneath his perfect hair.

I met Billy Elliot in the theater hall,
we talk about us and took our numbers to call.

I met Peter Pan in a Neverland street,
we talk about childhood and agreed to meet.

I met Harry Potter in a Hogwarts square,
we talk about dreams and future as a pair.
But to get there, we really had to dare,
coz there was no invisibility cloak to wear,
coz this world is everything to us but fair.
I had to face Lord Valdemort with my hands bare,
but soon we were standing each other away from there,
where I could touch the beautiful mark under his hair.

Believe me, it's magic!

(Júlio B.)