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From Harbour To Downtown With Santa

How does it feels for a christmas night?
These after-years insights?
These revivals all the time?
All these symbolic surprises?

Wasn't he cute?
Man, you should have seen him...
He was into me, and he touched me,
and the way was over.

Wasn't she that old lady I used to talk to?
Yes, it was her and her simplicity
going down the street late at night
on the back of a bike.

And the young old friend you'd just met?
Wasn't she beautiful and sweet?
She doesn't fit this place,
just like me.

Man, it looks like a never-ending flashback.
Am I being vague?
I'm just pursuing my track
and its uncountable side paths.

PS: Santa Claus brought me nothing.
One reason more to not believe him.
And there's another addendum:
these fanatic christian ones really bore me.

(Júlio B.)