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Seeing Life Through The Bus Window

Then I get the old delusions
in the new colors I've seen.
And I find the same old endings
through all the ways I have been.

I used to have some dreams, and work to make them real.
Now I just think it's too hard to make myself a deal.
My plans now die in this dark, my colors turn into grey.
I had got an inspiration... and just let it fade away.

C'mon nature, c'mon future, c'mon egos, c'mon feelings,
pack your bags, check your tickets,
let's start over: it's a new journey!

The heart is still beating early in the morning
and I am thinking 'bout growing old when comes the night.
I stare the far horizon holding my chin with one of my hands,
thinking in nothing, and with my eyes pointing to nowhere.
And since there's no light to clarify the things for me,
I do believe in any crazy possibility.

I always try again...

Once I jumped the sanity, now I play with madness,
I kept the self respect, but changed all the rest.
And after all I'm here with the same old loneliness.
I keep going with no direction, I must confess,
but at least I see life.

(Júlio B.)