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Sweet Little Matt

"Going to look like a faggot"...
Oh, sweet little faggot!
My three minutes of maximum delight.
You are my light,
my dream,
more than just a trim.
You are everything I can ask for.
You are my biggest metaphor.
You easily hit me to the ground!
With you shining around,
there's no way I can be lost.
You are what I want the most.
Matt, Matt, Matt.
Don't listen to them.
You're going to look like a modern cherub.
I gaze you daily through this magic tube.
You are my muse,
my best excuse.
You are so beautiful.
I wish I could touch you,
I wish I could save you for me.
You are so free...
You are happy and you are cool.
I wish I was like you,
I wish I was you.
I wish I could have you.
I wish so hard I could touch you.
I wish I could love you.
I wish I could cut it too...

(Júlio B.)