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Last News

Inocência - ou Uma Declaração Tardia, my romance self-published last year on the platform Clube de Autores, was the winner of the literary contest do  VI Prêmio Clube de Autores de Literatura Contemporânea. Check:

Ops... Where's the image?‘Inocência’, de Júlio B., vence o VI Prêmio Clube de Autores de Literatura Contemporânea
Foi recorde absoluto de participação: 1.139 livros inscritos e dezenas de milhares de votos... (leia mais)

Last Updates


Criações e Criatura de Criador Diversificado | | Janeiro De 2019 | Renascido | Sing Along | A Cachoeira Azul | A Estação Certa | Um Ano de Liberdade | Árvore Generosa | Desmonte o Castelo | (read more...)


Ops... Where's the image?Inocência - ou Uma Declaração Tardia

Written from 2001 to 2002, edited through all this time, and finally published last year, the story starts as a (late) declaration of love to the main character of the plot, Rafael, illustraded with some transcriptions of scenes ocurred during the period, in which Rafael, from his 14 to 15 years old, is kidnapped, thrown down from the fourth floor of a building, robbed, abused, in addition to face the typical dilemmas of his age, like his sexuality, virginity, friends, the girls and the boy with whom he had relationships then... (read more)

Short Stories and Texts

Ops... Where's the image?Renaissance Café

A short story about a discussion unfortunately still so present in our routines.
Ops... Where's the image?Americanizado

Critiques and critiques to the critiques about diverse themes around what is commonly called "americanized".
Ops... Where's the image? Um Mundinho Maior

Short story about a boy pursuing some exclusive afection, part of the compilation Você Viu o Brasil?
Ops... Where's the image?O Massagista

Short story about a man pursuing answers to a mistery, part of the compilation Você Viu o Brasil?


Ops... Where's the image?Porque a Poesia Precisa da Loucura

Compilation of poems (in portuguese) with "madness" serving as the conductor wire for them.
Ops... Where's the image?Sangria Desatada

Compilation of poems (in portuguese) treating themes such as the urgency of time, love, desires.
Ops... Where's the image?Carpentering Words into English Poems

Compilation of poems (in english) published on a poetry site from England, which is, unfortunately, not working anymore.


Be welcome to these virtual pages in which I publish what I write.

Feel free to browse for the catalog of ornate outflows and ideas (that sometimes sound like poems), compilations of texts, novels, short stories and other eccentric relations of words that I have been writing over these years that now urge to pass uncontrollably against my will.

Júlio B.

Ops... Where's the image?

Thanks for visiting!

Yes! After all, it was always about confessions that refused to stay in silence, outbursts, thoughts, and a lot of ideas that I think it's better to keep safe in another place besides my mind. Dreams and desires. Oh, the desires...

Ops... Where's the image?


In me, in the air, in the heart.
It comes, it falls apart.
But it is always art
in every single part.

Júlio B.